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Our Process

Greet’s target market is represented by progressive, growth-oriented businesses with 10-2,000 employees. Most of Greet’s clients are in white collar or skilled blue collar industries, such as technology, engineering, real estate, accounting, medical services, banking, legal, insurance and light manufacturing.

HR Expertise

For our Contact Center and BPO operations we currently employ over 1000 people. Our Human Resources department is adequately geared up to meet the recruitment challenges of your company. We have over a period of time developed significant expertise in administering stringent tests and conducting interviews that enable us to attract and retain talented workforce.

Hiring Practices at Greet

As a company policy, we work closely with the clients in defining the credentials that our potential customer service agents/processors should possess to qualify for a project. We normally interview up to 15-20 people for each position so once certain pre-requisites are determined we plan for recruiting accordingly.

CSR profile

It should be noted that most of our CSR’s are at a minimum 12th standard or college graduate and the average age is around 23 years. All our CSR’s are given comprehensive training before they start working for customers. All our CSR’s have good analytical, technical and communication skills. They are all team players, and enjoy working with us.

In addition, they are also willing to work in flexible shifts, which help us in extracting the maximum efficiency from our centers. The generic qualifications of a CSR is that he or she is a Graduate fresher or with 3 months - 1 year experience in similar job, has excellent analytical skills, Good computer skills and is a Team player and has the flexibility to work in shifts.


Greet has a good team of in-house trainers catering to various nuances of contact center training including language, dialect, telephone etiquettes, listening skills and data entry work.

We have training rooms with a capacity of 200 people and equivalent number of computers. Training is provided through Lectures, Interactive methods including role-plays, using audiovisual equipment and CBT – e-learning techniques. These resources are utilized to provide the following standardized training schedule for all new recruits and ongoing training for our existing employees.

Our training is split into pre-process and process training. Pre-process training consists of customer service skills, telephone etiquettes, stress management and managing irate customers, process usage of language. This is all managed in house.

Agent Certification Process

The following is the process for agents:
Factor Duration Method
Communication 10 minutes per participant One on One Assessment
Behavioral Traits 5 minutes per participant One on One
Computer Skills 10 minutes per participant One on One
Product Information End of Product training a consolidated score of
all the tests conducted will be taken into consideration
Group Administration
Switch and Phone Related Skills 10 minutes per participant One on One Assessment


To achieve the objective of ensuring “Absolute Quality” in all functions of Greet, we have implemented a transition cycle with several toll gates to ensure process compliance.

Pre-sales & Engagement Cycle

This is the very beginning of the relationship with the client where in we try to understand the requirements and identify the scope of work for the purpose of the project. Based on the initial understanding from the information available we size the following:

We will also factor in your requirements in terms of quality and reporting to arrive at our overall solution and price quote for the project. Subsequent to the proposal submission and of the award of the project in this phase, the contract terms and conditions and the Service Level Agreements will be included.

Pre-Production & Transition Cycle

A transition team will identify the following members:

Based on this training exercise, the team will start actual operations. A 1-week time period will be identified for the trainers to impart the process training after which the agents can actually start accessing the applications or start Processing documents. However the client’s input will still be necessary to make sure all is going as planned and key personnel from the client are expected to handhold our people during the initial few weeks to increase our learning curve and satisfy both parties as to the progress of the project.

Production and Fulfillment Cycle

Upon “Going Live” we anticipate that within a period of about 1 month, we will be able to reach the productivity and quality levels on the 1st process for migration. Thereafter, we will keep ramping up with new processes based on the training that our agents receive from the client. With the feedback from the client

Continuous Improvement and Feedback Mechanism

Greet is consistently working on its internal processes to enhance its deliverables through the following measures:

Our Guiding Principles

We have in place various reporting mechanisms to ensure prompt feedback is available for the client’s review. Further we are willing to work with our clients in defining a framework for increasing the various parameters of performance.