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Types of services offered by us:

Bounding Box

Polygonal Annotation

Line Annotation

Geospatial Annotation

Cuboidal Annotation

Semantic Segmentation

Clipping Path

Data Labelliing

Image Tagging

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous Vehicle

Image Masking

3D Lidar Annotation

Why Choose Greettech

Fully managed

Every client is assigned a project manager. All you have to do is share the data labeling guidelines with your project manager and let them do all the work for you. Magic.


Our 1,000,000+ workers generate tens of millions of labels every day. For time-constrained projects, we can also increase the number of available workers.

Affordable Pricing

We strive to provide the most value in the image annotation industry. We provide simple and fair pricing with no exorbitant initiation fees.


Annotations are checked by QA at the tag level, then at the dataset level and optionally by using a model trained on your data.


Since 2015 we have been recruiting and training image annotators, our investments in training, coaching and tooling makes our project scaling predictable.


Access your projects, data and annotations in real time as they are being created. Feedback tools ensure everything stays on track.

How it works

Raw Dataset

Send us dataset and task guidelines. We support API, .CSV, FTP, cloud etc. to source data and setup tasks.

Project Setup

Our data labeling platform enables project manager to train real people annotate your data and to make sure your models are being trained on high-quality data.

Human in the Loop

The semi-automatic labeling process involves combination of deep learning models, hueristics and manual human edits to create high quality annotation at scale.

Rigorous QC

We execute multi-level automated and manual quality checks over each and every annotation. Machine checks to eliminate random or systematic errors combined with human consensus models ensures highly accurate output.

Export Results

Collect all the ground truth dataset you need to train your model.

Image Annotation Services


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Our Clients & Partners

We've had the pleasure to work with a diverse list of clients including:

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